The Skinny.

I pay $10 for 500 word articles.

  • I accept about 5 articles per month.
  • Articles will be posted on the blog and possibly printed in one of our publications.
  • Writers will receive digital copies of all publications in which their work appears.
  • Writers will receive full credit for their works.
  • You agree to an Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0) creative commons license for your work.

What topics am I looking for?

That runs the gamut, but I particularly like:

  • Anything DIY
  • Stuff about living off the grid or sustainability
  • Female, LGBTQIA+, and BIPOC opinions and insight
  • Liberal/Left philosophy
  • Pro-Anarchist articles
  • Pro-Antifa articles
  • Zines, indie comics, and other self-publishing projects
  • Useful how-tos that would be applicable to the vibe and audience I strive for.

Format for submissions.

Please ensure all submissions are properly formatted. It makes my life easier and more likely to pay you instead of trashing your email.

Subject: JPS Submission / [Byline Name] / [Article Name]

Body should include:

  • Article Title
  • Byline Name (the name you want attached as writing the article)
  • Number of words (must not exceed 500)
  • Brief Summary in one sentence.
  • Article Contents

DO NOT ATTACH DOCUMENTS TO THE EMAIL OR PROVIDE LINKS. Entire submission MUST be in the body of the email. If you send something with an attachment, it will be summarily deleted.

Where do I send it?

All submissions should go to

Alternatively, just use the form below.