Let it be known that I am a former conservative Republican type who is now a liberal free-thinking type. So, this will probably piss some people off. Anyway, I found this article:

What Causes Poor Uneducated White People To Vote Republican?

It’s a really good article. I especially liked this quote:

“The thinking is that most white southerners harbor some form of prejudice towards blacks. This reality is more prevalent than in the poor white uneducated population of the south than anywhere else. Poor whites have a desire to feel superior to something or somebody — blacks and now Hispanics fill that need.”

So very true. I grew up in the South and I can verify that a viral, soft version of racism is embedded to you at an early age. I don’t know how many times I heard a statement start with, “I don’t have any problems with black people, but…”, which was then followed by a racist diatribe. I’ve heard similar statements by family, friends, and acquaintances.

Don’t get me wrong. Not all Southerners are cut from the same cloth.

These are generally hard working, honest people that think this way. Unfortunately, they believe that blacks, Hispanics, immigrants, LGBT persons, et al., are taking away their rights in some form or fashion. They believe we are coming to take their guns, and force them to go to all night sodomy clubs for their homosexual initiation. They think we want to take their religion from them. They absolutely believe that people who are open-minded and accepting of individuals different than themselves are leading us on a path to hell instead of enlightenment.

Racism is alive and well, and it exists outside of the South as well.

When I lived in Phoenix, AZ, if you had too much pigment in your skin you were likely to get accosted by the authorities. There seemed to be a story every day about cops harassing people.

In fact, the infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio, was held in contempt in Federal Court for continuing his policies of racial profiling when approaching potential suspects. Of course, most of these suspects are really just the local Hispanic population, and Sheriff Joe doesn’t like them because they’re not white. King Don-Don Trump pardoned him of all wrongdoing.

It makes no sense to me why the poor, uneducated whites of our country hold firm to hate, even when it’s obvious that the political leaders they put in power care very little for their welfare.

Having visited back home several times since I’ve left, I’ve noticed a creeping decay in a lot of the small towns like I grew up in.

Thanks to the Republican party and their love of corporate America, industries that were the lifeblood of these small towns are moving away to places where they can basically enforce slave labor wages on people. Yet, they continue to listen to these politicians because they’re great actors — they thank God humbly, swear they’ll keep their guns, and support a racist viewpoint that is pervasive across the country.

Maybe one day, these people will wake up and realize that there are not many liberal-minded people in the country who want to take away the things they love in life. Sure, there are the outliers, which can be found on both sides, that push the extreme. Heck, if you want to dance naked with poisonous snakes while screaming Jesus, please do. The only thing you have to do in return is respecting the weirdness of others as well.