What is JunkPOP Serials all about?

As a product of both the analog and digital generations, I feel my perspectives can help those who want to put their voice out into the world in a very independent way.

The power of words and the small press cannot be underestimated. In the hands of the gifted, it can lead to revolution or peace.

More importantly it provides a window, no matter how brief, into the lives of our species. It's a historical record, and your life is a story worth telling.

So, in the tradition of other great rebels and nomads, ronins and rogues, I will attempt to help others find their voice so time can record it as our legacy.

What do I make?

Zines, comic books, fiction, art, blog post, articles, and anything else that seems cool.

Who am I?

I'm Joe. I know things and I write stuff. I also do some DIY small press publishing.

I have a normal day job, too. I write other things there. It's kinda corporate and boring.

I'm also a Veteran, a dad, and a dude still figuring out the world no matter how old I may get.

What do I do?

What I'll talk about on this site and through the membership is DIY stuff.

I have knowledge in writing, graphic design, illustration, small-press publishing, and I'm a huge fan of the punk ethos. I also like (attempting) to teach others some of the stuff I know.

Some topics I'll talk about often:

  • Small-press indie publishing of zines and comics in both digital and print formats.
  • Redefining success and freeing up your creative process.
  • How-to process posts on best practices I've learned, including useful apps and other tech.
  • How to stop chasing dreams and just get stuff done.

I also plan on experimenting with lifestyle choices in an effort to be a better human, including:

  • Establishing a healthy daily routine of diet, exercise, and life/work balance.
  • My attempts at backyard homesteading.
  • Living a "minimalistic" life.

I'm sure I'll add more things as they pop up, as things in life often do. These will be sitewide  themes. If I do deep dives, these will be available to paying members first, ofc. (I gotta eat.)

I'll also talk about normal stuff.

Who'll like your stuff?

If you like things just a bit off-panel, slightly skewed, with sweet pop subculture tones and a healthy distaste of authority and the monoculture, you'll dig this site.